Europe will not give in to terror!

Gemeinsame Erklärung aller europäischen JEF-Sektionen zu den Terroranschlägen in Brüssel

Die JEF Deutschland unterstützt die gemeinsame Erklärung aller europäischen JEF-Sektionen. Gemeinsam trauern wir, gemeinsam bekräftigen wir, dass wir dem Terror nicht nachgeben werden.

Today, the heart of Europe and our common capital, Brussels, was hit by barbaric and coward terror attacks.

After the detention of Salah Abdeslam, allegedly involved in the Paris attacks, in Brussels on March 18th, Europeans may have felt relieved, for a short time. Today, pain and sorrow fill our hearts, yet again. Terror has reared its ugly face upon European citizens, once again.

We, the Young European Federalists, condemn today’s dreadful attacks and declare our deeply felt compassion to the relatives and friends of the victims. We want to assure them of our thoughts, support, and prayers.

We also want to emphasise our will to not change our way of life because of terrorists trying to scare us and depreciate individual rights, thus unable to accept different ways of thinking, different standards of living.

We will go on fighting for everybody’s rights to speak, to do, to write or to travel wherever we want. We will go on defending our open society with more efficient tools than violence and hatred: by continuing to live together, no matter where we come from or what we believe in, by strengthening the links and relations between our cultures and our religions and by  continuing to live like we have before, following our European values. We will not let these people take away our freedom, and we will not give in to terror.

We, European youth, cherish our fundamental freedoms and values – democracy, human rights, solidarity and peace – and our different cultures and individual backgrounds. We, European federalists, know that terrorism has no colour, no religion. We, European citizens, stand united, today more than ever.

Europe will not surrender to terror.

The Young European Federalists

jefwpEurope will not give in to terror!

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