Trio Talks: Young Civil Society Takes Stock

With the end of the German council presidency, the first part of the trio-council presidency between Germany, Portugal and Slovenia, we want to take stock of the progress achieved so far.
The event “Trio Talks: Young Civil Society Takes Stock” serves as a platform for young civil society representatives to shed light on decisions taken during the German Council Presidency. We will discuss decisions on migration and asylum policies, the economic recovery plan and the rule of law mechanism.

We are happy to welcome:

  • Christoph Schuch, Human Rights Activist at Amnesty International
  • Joscha Wagner, Vice President Youth Comittee European Trade Union Confederation
  • Maria Popczyk, Editor-in-chief of Kurier Europejski, JEF Poland

We will include questions from the audience on each of these topics.

This interactive discussion will take place on Friday, December 18th at 6 p.m. The event will be held in English.

Join directly via this zoom link:

Europa geht #BesserZusammen!- Junge Stimmen zur Trio-Ratspräsidentschaft” ist ein Projekt der JEF Deutschland e.V. und wird gefördert vom Auswärtigen Amt.
julaluehringTrio Talks: Young Civil Society Takes Stock