Idea lab on the trio-presidency: Young Europeans still a generation ahead

The half-time of the EU council trio presidency of Germany, Portugal and Slovenia is fast approaching. To mark this time, we want to create a space for young Europeans to discuss and develop their ideas around the trio-presidency. With your input, we hope to develop a joint paper reflecting the European youth’s wishes and opinions about the presidency’s goals, achievements and shortcomings. Of course, we are going to discuss topics which are not included in the official program of the trio presidency as well.

Join us on, an interactive online conferencing tool, for collective discussions moderated by members of JEF Portugal, Slovenia, North Macedonia, Germany, and a guest from the German Federal Youth Council.

Move around among or stay in your favourite of these five discussion rooms:

  • Climate and Environment (JEF Slovenia)
  • Social and Economic Reconstruction after Corona (JEF Portugal)
  • Youth Participation in Democratic Processes (DBJR, Marius Schlageter)
  • European Enlargement (JEF North Macedonia)
  • Asylum and Migration (JEF Germany)

This workshop-inspired event will take place on 31.03.2021 from 18:00 until 20:00. The event will be held in English.

You are interested? Then join us via this link:
Password: 31JEF21


And in case you need a short introduction to Gathertown, here is a short tutorial for participants:

Do you know already? No?
Do not worry, it is rather self-explaining.
When you enter via the link, you need to insert the password we provide.
Once you are logged in, you can choose an avatar to represent yourself in the meeting room. When joining the gathering, you’ll first enter the tutorial room where you can learn about the basics of or you can just skip it to take part in our Idea Lab.

The optic of reminds of famous gameboy games of the 1990s. You can move around by using the keyboard arrows. When you approach other avatars their video pops up and you can join in their conversations. Be careful, you can mute or unmute your discussion partner, too; then you are not able to hear him*her anymore but others do.
First, you enter the center of the entrance hall. On the right and on the left there are two rooms and on the room’s upper side, you can find three additional rooms, indicated by a sign outside which you can approach and read by pressing x. Each room is equipped with a whiteboard and a poster on the upper side, which you can approach and use by pressing x.

We have a short tutorial for you, in case you would like to know more about in advance:

First Time User Tutorial for Gather.Town virtual conference space walkthrough
Gather Town Preview

julaluehringIdea lab on the trio-presidency: Young Europeans still a generation ahead